Did I tell you we have winter here?

Yes, it finally arrived in Stockholm as well. Only reason why I haven’t mentioned it before is because every time we had snowfall, it only lasted for maximum 2 days. But now it’s been over a week of winter wonderland and doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Lakes are frozen as well, but I haven’t dared going out there yet. I think I’ll wait for the plow machines to make tracks before trusting the ice.

The dogs are absolutely loving the snow and they are playing like crazy in it whenever they have the opportunity. Unfortunately for them I can max take an hour walk now (and that hour I feel for the rest of the day in my back!) so they usually continue the playing inside. To think that just a week ago when Birgit was going through a tough hormonal time I was worried about having the two together, and now they really are the best friends. I love my dogs. ♥

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